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Mrs. Beng’I Mazana Issa Success Story

18 Sep Joseph Kiphizi Mon 18 Sep 2023

Mrs. BENG’I MAZANA ISSA is alumna of Institute of Development Management Mzumbe, now known as Mzumbe University. She holds Advanced Diploma in Certified Accountancy of 1992. In 1996 she completed Master’s degree in Financial Management from University of Caledonian University, United Kingdom. She also successfully complemented Certified Public Accountant from NBAA in 1999.

Currently, she is the Executive Secretary of the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC). NEEC is a public institution established in 2004. NEEC is responsible for coordination, provision of strategic leadership and monitoring and evaluation of economic empowerment in Tanzania. Mrs. Issa is a Chairperson of the Founders' Board of Tanzania Entrepreneurship Competitiveness Center (TECC), a Chairperson of Legal Service Facility (LSF), a Chairperson

of the Local Government Loan Board (LGLB), a Vice Chairperson of Petroleum Upstream Regulatory Authority (PURA) a board member of Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) and a board member of SAGCOT Centre Ltd.

In the past, she was Chairperson of the Board of Tanzania Women’s Bank (TWB), a board member of DCB Bank Plc, the Director of Finance, Administration and Resource Mobilization of the Tanzania Commission for AIDS (TACAIDS), the Financial Controller of CARE International in Tanzania and a Lecturer in accounting and finance at Institute of Development Management now days known as Mzumbe University. Mrs. Issa is a member of Presidential Advisory Committee on Gender and Equality Forum (GEF), A Chair person of the National Women Committee for Financial Inclusion, a Board Member of UNCDF, a member of the National Board of Accountants and Auditors (NBAA), Tanzania Association of Women Certified Accountants (TAWCA) and a member of Tanzania Association of Accountants and Auditors (TAA).


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