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Mrs. Elizabeth Mwakajila Success Story

18 Sep Joseph Kiphizi Mon 18 Sep 2023

Mrs. Elizabeth Mwakajila, an accomplished Mzumbe University alumna, holds both a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration specializing in Marketing from Mzumbe Main Campus Morogoro and a Master's degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing from Mzumbe University Dar campus, where she also served as a Minister of Social Affairs and Entertainment. Her journey is characterized by her commitment to continuous learning and her pivotal roles in prestigious organizations. Leveraging her practical knowledge from Mzumbe, Elizabeth excelled in senior positions at Barclays Bank Tanzania, Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL), and Airtel. Her leadership extended to global initiatives with the World Bank, World Education, and UNHCR. As the Founder and Director of Mrembo Safaris, she's transformed it into a flourishing enterprise spanning East Africa and beyond, fostering tourism growth. Elizabeth's dedication to empowerment led her to establish the Elizabeth Women Empowerment Foundation and chair the Tanzania Association of Women Tour Operators (TAWTO). Recognized for her contributions, she received numerous awards, including the Tourism Star Winner 2019 and African Heroes Award 2021. Through her achievements, Elizabeth not only promotes sustainable tourism but also emphasizes the potential of education to drive impactful change in society. She encourages fellow alumni to channel their knowledge into tangible transformations, echoing her journey of empowerment and innovation.Currently, Elizabeth is an Employer; the Founder and Director of Mrembo Safaris, a company based in Arusha Tanzania that operates throughout East Africa. Recently,

My message to all Mzumbe and other Tanzanian Universities alumni, “we have been provided with knowledge from our university, let us not sit with those degrees without making a difference in our communities, we have the power to change our country by creating jobs, and hiring more employees, the world needs practical things, the world needs innovation, creativity, and you are among those who can make it. Let us join forces to make our country a better place.”


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