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The members of Mzumbe University Convocation consist of

  1. The Vice Chancellor
  2. The Deputy Vice Chancellor
  3. All members of Academic Staff
  4. All persons who are graduates of the Mzumbe University and the former Institute of Development Management
  5. All persons who become graduates of Mzumbe University
  6. Any persons as the Chancellor may, upon recommendation by the Council, appoint to be members of the convocation.

The function of Mzumbe University Alumni Platform is among others, to assist the achievement of University convocation objectives such as

  1. To provide a platform where all Mzumbe University Alumni can contribute ideas that will help the university to improve its core functions to meet current and future needs of its clients
  2. To provide a platform where University Alumni can meet, negotiate and establish strategic partnerships with businesses, public sector organizations, non-governmental organizations for the development of the university.
  3. To mobilize resources for the furtherance of the university mission and vision through different activities and services provided to alumni members
  4. To market the University image through the Alumni getting together and publicizing positions held and achievements made after graduating from the University
  5. To provide information to the University Alumni about the training and employment opportunities available within the university
  6. To provide a platform to enable the use of any available resources and the intellectual mass of the Alumni of the University to the contribution towards making Mzumbe University a Centre of excellence
  7. To organize different activities with the University Alumni aimed at promoting different interest of the university